Wednesday, March 24, 2010

O' How The Mighty Will Fall

2009 saw the sales of the Big Brother Breweries decline, overall beer sales in 2009 fell by 2.2% according the figures released by the Brewers Association however small independent craft breweries saw sales dollars increase 10.3 percent and volume increase 7. Those who enjoy the quality and taste of their beers are starting to show their teeth. I am elated at the thought of the "big names" getting a bit less of our money! Beware! The Big Brewers will be trying to tap into the craft market more so than they already have with their American Ale, Golden Wheat, Triple Hopped, and Craft Pack strategies. Completely over-saturating an already witty and smart market of Beer drinkers. Check out the Full article from The Brewers Association HERE. Cheers to quality and class, throw that watered down crap out of the glass, enjoy, savor, and make it last!!
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