Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Bottle Share.... the epitome of Beer Geekery!

So you've put together quite a collection, and you are tired of staring at it, what to do?

Find a "Bottle Share" of course!

The Bottle Share - "A social gathering that involves much laughter, inebriation, and constant logging into Untapped."

So what are the guidelines, what should you bring, how should you act, are you worthy?
Well that is what I am here to help you with. Now I'm sure if you are reading my blog you may already know most of this but for you newbs, please read, amend, and enjoy.

Where do I find bottle share events?

To start with if you have beer geek friends, just make a call (or use Facebook). It won't take long to organize an impromptu tasting. Everyone always seems to be holding onto beers that require sharing.

What if all of my friends drink "Beast"?

Well take to the inter-webs my friend! There are forums online, the most popular being RateBeer and BeerAdvocate, and local groups forming on Facebook all the time, such as Beer Geeks Dayton, Ohio. It's a lot like dating, your not going to get one, until you put yourself out there!

What Should I Bring?

Well if you haven't amassed the most impressive cellar, bring what you can. The Beer Geek community is generally very easy going, especially to those who are just starting to get into the scene, we tend to give those people a "grace period" to grow their palate and their cellar. A good way to decide is to communicate with those who are going. If someone is bringing a 2010 KBS and you happen to have a 2011, try to set up a vertical with some people. It is not rocket science, in the end you will be feeling too good to care.

Is There a certain way to act, a code of conduct if you will?

Well this is where it can get tricky, if it is a night with close friends, the conduct factor is pretty low, however if it is a tasting among acquaintances or at a festival with people you have never met, there are some common sense guidelines to get you through it.

REMEMBER: At larger bottle shares there will always be that one guy/or girl, who gets too drunk. In this situation, things can go from great to crappy very quickly. Just try not to be that person who starts knocking over beers, getting into fights about big pours, or in general just won't shut up. DON'T BE THAT GUY!

Try not to open a bottle that you did not bring, unless the owner of said bottle asks you to. Same goes for the pour. The owner of the bottle always gets priority, and usually the bigger pour.

Is that your cooler full of Cantillon? No, well then you shouldn't be getting into it. This is pretty straight forward stuff we are talking about here.

Should I bring Anything Specific?

Duh, a small taster works well
Yeah probably, something easy and small, just in case no one wants it, so you can take it home. Remember people are drinking at these things, food is a great pallet cleanser, and fights the quickness in which you get drunk!

Definitely, a gallon jug or a few bottles is customary, for drinking and rinsing your glass (drink the rinse water too, h2o is your friend).

If it is summer or a big group, bring a few folding chairs, if no one needs them, no biggie, they will stay in the car.

Yes, most people do not have space saved for everyone's beer in their fridge, unless they have a dedicated beer fridge. Even then it may be full of their own beer.

Bud Light?

So There we have it, Just the basics here. Obviously this post can go on and on of bottle share etiquette, but that ain't happening. If you have an opinion, feel free to comment, just remember in the end, you will feel great, enjoy some fine beers, and hopefully make a few friends in the process.