Friday, January 14, 2011

Dark Lord Day 2011 - Tasting Table Etiquette

So you've read my post with a checklist for DLD now here is my guidelines and rules for the tasting tables that you will see there as well.

 When normally arriving at Three Floyds Brewery in Munster Indiana the first thing you think about is, "There's a brewery back here?" but on that faithful  Saturday in late April known as Dark Lord Day the scene you will see is far more different. A white tent set-up near the main entrance to the Brew Pub full of wooden picnic tables siting in puddles of a liquid that couldn't possibly be water, beckons you with curiosity. Sitting upon these childlike grade school tables are bottles, kegs, and cans full of the nectar of the Gods. BEER. Proceed with caution, because if you do not come prepared things may go awry for you very quickly, that is why I am here. I will give you a crash course in the etiquette for these magical tables. Read on my young friends and learn all you can!

  1. Bring Some Beer - First and foremost, you must bring a few beers to place on the tasting tables. For you newbies: Do not bring any Macro Brewery products, you will be stoned and cast away. The best beers to bring are from your area, I am from Ohio so I will more than likely come with an ample supply of Hoppin Frog, Great Lakes, Thirsty Dog, Brew Kettle and Buckeye Brewing. You don't have to bring a rare beer to the table to sample if you don't wish to. There will be plenty of people willing to share as long as you are as well.  For you Home-Brewers, bring a few beers you have brewed.

2. Bring A Glass - If you wish to sample ANY beer it would be wise to bring a glass or cup to sample it in, right? I would suggest a small sampling glass, usually procured at beer festivals or online. You can use a plastic cup obviously as well, I prefer glasses though. Make sure it is a glass you can live without, because, as the day goes on you may drop it or loose it based on the condition of your inebriation. (Bring a bottle opener too!)
 3. The Pour Rule (Very Important) - When you sample a beer that is not your own, if the owner of that beer is nearby, let the owner pour your sample. I cannot stress this more! Speak loudly and ask, "does this beer belong to anyone?" If the owner is not nearby you may pour your sample, DO NOT GET GREEDY!

4. Do Not Open Another Person's Beer - All beer on top of the tables that is OPEN is fair game. If you see a beer that is not open, DO NOT OPEN IT! Understood? Good!

5.  If It's Under The Table, It's Not Yours! - People will  occasionally stash their beer underneath the tasting tables. This beer is NOT fairgame, if you don't want a brawl, don't touch it!

6. RESPECT - That's right, it's not just a catchy Motown hit! Be respectful, these are beer lovers! You will get what you give. There are beers on these tables you may never be able to try again, that is the fun of it all! ENJOY IT!

Well, enjoy it all. Any comments? Let me know.

Tasting Line - All Donated
New Glarus Raspberry Tart!